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We cant wait to celebrate and share this day with the ones we love,

 Dont text and drive otherwise you may hit a family. We saw it on the television. Seriously.



Last night at sunset, before my 27th birthday I asked for the most significant birthday present of my life; all I wanted was for Kelly to accept my proposal; to be my companion forever.

In a care free time, I became interested in the girl...
who danced to the New Deal, In The Kitchen. After spending more time together at Stockton I fell hard for the same girl, long nights with her on the Front Porch eating Rock Candy and hanging out at Ocean Billy’s affirmed my feelings. 5 years later there have been many life changes, yet it’s still only felt like A Little While. In a world of ever-growing uncertainty I have found my constant, The Very Moon that will Not Fade Away. Every year that we complete another trip around the sun, the journey goes faster as we grow closer. Alone we are strong, together we are truly unstoppable; a Wolff pack of 2. I learn from Kelly on a daily basis, through her unconditional love and caring for others, her thoughtfulness, self motivation, balance, and insightfulness. With her love and inspiration I’ve already grown so much, and continue striving to be the best man I can possibly be. I’m sure at this point it’s already been assumed, but she did in fact say “YES’!!!

We thank all of our friends and family for being there for us, and look forward to all of you sharing in the life we continue to build together. We could not have come this far without you all and have certainly felt your love and support; we hope you feel ours too. Please keep sharing in our love and our lives and continue encouraging us in the next step of our journey, creating a strong foundation for a future Built To Last. We love you all, Jonathan and Kelly.


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